Domino’s First Month

Domino was one of my biggest concerns before this big move onto our sailboat. She is proof positive of why not to waste time worrying: she is a very easygoing cat and has adapted well to living on board Sava! Domino’s first month as a boat cat is a success.

Domino’s Travels

Domino has been on one plane, train, taxi, boat, and many cars. She has stayed on Sava and 3 condos and my mom’s house. No complaints. Yay Domino!

Domino on The Boat

On the boat, her favorite place – BY FAR – is our bed. That is not a big change from when we lived in a house. She is always there, under the covers, when Sava is moving and usually when the engine is on even when we’re not moving.

Domino's first month as a boat cat hiding in the bed
Domino in her favorite spot: bed!

Probably Domino’s second favorite spot is on the salon couch by the front wall. She spends many hours lying there between meals.

Domino's first month on the boat posing in the salon
Domino relaxing in the salon

Domino Loves the Outdoors!

She tends to wait until nighttime to venture on deck. Again, this is similar to her behavior back home: she enjoyed exploring our backyard at night. She seems aware and respectful of the water all around and hasn’t come close, alleviating a lot of my fears.

Domino's first month exploring the deck of the boat after dark
Domino on deck at night

This cat is a very lazy 10 year old so on top of feeding her lo-cal food we are trying to get her to exercise. She plays for a little bit and then goes back to rest.

We are so happy we brought Domino with us on this journey and we are happy with the success of Domino’s first month. She is still as cute as a kitten when she explores her new space or wants to play and be petted. She makes us smile and keeps us warm when she cuddles us at night.

We regularly update the Dommieonthego Instagram account with photos so follow along there to enjoy her more!

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  1. I love that Domino is with you. Cats are so adaptable and do comforting. My 29 year old still plays with his toys. ????????

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