Swimming with Dolphins in Utila

I had two dolphin encounters this week! Two days ago, the open water dive class I assisted were taken into the bay near the dive shop to snorkel with dolphins. It was amazing listening to them communicate and experiencing them swimming and playing around us in the open water. Swimming with dolphins in Utila is one of my favorite experiences.

DOlphin encounter at sea in utila

Today, we had a dolphin encounter as we were heading to our dive site. This time, I had my phone so I took some photos and video from the boat! These dolphins were super friendly – they were surfing the waves and swimming around the snorkelers. They are so much fun! I can’t recommend swimming with trapped dolphins at a resort, but if you ever get a chance in the wild, do it.

Swimming with Dolphins in Utila
Dolphins surfacing

only swim with dolphins in the wild

Dolphins are wild intelligent creatures. Sadly, because they are so fascinating to humans, a successful industry has developed to keep these beautiful animals captive for entertainment. I urge you to not support this industry. What you should support instead is the wonderful organizations fighting to free these creatures and stop dolphin, and orca, and marine animal, captivity forever. They deserve to be wild and free to roam the oceans as they wish.

Learn more from organizations like The Dolphin Project and Oceanic Preservation Society. Save the animals!

swimming with dolphins in utilavideo

It isn’t always easy to get your gopro out in time to snap photos, so I am very excited to share photo and video of my experience swimming with dolphins in Utila.

Dolphin pod in Utila

I have also had one encounter with Utila’s famous whale sharks. No photos, but I will be here a while so I’ll keep trying! Each encounter brightens up the day!

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