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Airport Caves Utila

The diving has been really nice here in Utila over the last few weeks. The underwater visibility is great these days now that the rainy season is over. I have been bad about posting while busy finishing up the Divemaster training (SO CLOSE!). We aren’t able to bring cameras on training dives because we are working, so I only take photos on our “fun dives.” Here are some Utila diving photos and videos.

fun dive photos

Here are a few underwater shots from some fun dives I’ve done lately.

Trumpetfish Utila Diving Photos
A trumpetfish

I found my red filter so moving forward the photos will not be so blue! But for now, this is what I’ve got, including this pretty angelfish.

Angelfish Utila

school of fish

Here’s a video of a big school of parrotfish. I absolutely love swimming around lots of fish! It’s a very immersive experience and I almost feel like I am one of them.

Look closely at the bottom middle of the photo below. Yes! That’s an angry looking toadfish. I think they are so funny and funny looking. He does not want anything to do with me.

Toadfish Utila
Big toadfish

the boat

We’re trained to always know where the boat is so we can get back to it quickly. This is the dive boat from below.

Boat Utila Diving photos
The boat from below

airport caves

Often we visit the same sites over and over for our dive training, which is good for comfort level but not exciting. I did get to go to Airport Caves recently which had some nice swim throughs and revved up the cool factor!

Airport Caves Utila
A cave we dove through in Airport Caves Utila

I hope you enjoyed my Utila diving photos and videos. If you like sea life, check out my post about swimming with dolphins. I will always cherish the experience and you can live vicariously through my photos.

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Scuba Diving in Utila

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