Day Trip to Roatan

Roatan Sign

On Saturday, I took a trip “off island” for the day. After 5 weeks on the tiny isle of Utila, working hard to complete my DM training, a day trip to Roatan sounded like a fun change of scenery.


This was not a solo trip. Instead, UDC arranged it and a bunch of instructors and DMTs took the early morning boat from Utila to Roatan. We did 2 dives and spent a few hours walking around another island with cars and lots of shops! A big change of pace for me to go to the big island, and a nice escape from the studying.


It’s amazing how exciting it was just to be somewhere else. I love Utila and it’s laid back atmosphere, but it was still fun to go somewhere with a gelato place. And to dive new dive sites. Day trips are a great escape!


The dives were great. From my limited experience and what I have heard from other divers, the diving in Roatan is better than Utila. Apparently the marine park has been protected for a longer time, and I could see the difference in the coral health and especially the size of the marine creatures.

For our dives, we visited a wreck and a site with cool swim throughs, and saw some much larger grouper than we see on Utila. A nice eagle ray and a swimming turtle completed the fun morning of diving.

Day trip to Roatan eagle ray
An eagle ray on our dive in Roatan

Another similar Caribbean island for diving is Nicaragua’s Corn Island

other things to do

I didn’t have an agenda in Roatan, like some people needed specific groceries and medicine and things, but for me it was just a day to spend somewhere else. I have at least a month more down here and it’s going to get busy again as I am about to start the instructor course so that was my break. The gelato was very good too!

Roatan gelato shop
The gelato shop in Roatan

Anytime I have the opportunity to step away and visit a new space, I take it. This day trip to Roatan was much appreciated. Now for me it’s back to work.

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