Iceland Road Trip Views

Arctic Sea Iceland Views

Our fourth day on the road in Iceland took us from the Eastern Fjords north to the Arctic, with a lot of interesting and picturesque stops in between! Our Iceland road trip views keep getting better. This country is beautiful and today we got some classic Iceland views of the sea, the sky, and lots in between. We even got to really use the 4WD. Brian was happy about that!

Eastern and Northern Iceland Map
Our drive from the fjords to the Arctic of Iceland

Breakfast in Suðurfjarðarvegur

We woke up early, and since our campground didn’t have washrooms, booked it to the nearby gas station-cafe (no James, it wasn’t an N1!), and had some coffee while planning what to do for the day.

Iceland is an amazing country for roadtripping, and we did a mix of planning ahead and random discovery. Here’s some tips for your campervan trip.

Iceland road trip views glacier and rainbow
Rainbow over a glacier in Iceland

Quick Stop in Egilsstaòir

After breakfast we made our way back to our last fjord of the east, and it was a beauty!


Since we rose quite early, we made it to Suðurfjarðarvegur before 10am but everything was closed. It wasn’t a total loss because it felt like we had this pretty as a picture town to ourselves.

Iceland Road Trip View from a hill
This town was gorgeous!

We hiked up a hill to a waterfall and got a beautiful view of the town and countryside. The town itself is tiny but so pretty, with a charming church and shops and an old hospital.

Iceland church and town
Beautiful town and church in Iceland

Back to Egilsstaðir

This time, we did hit the N1, but the stew was meat, not fish or lamb like we wanted. Instead I made us some grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches which were delicious. Then north and west bound.

Jökulsárgljúfur Park

We hit all the major sites in this remarkable park. The waterfall, Dettifoss, (which I kept calling Dental Floss because Icelandic words are hard) was beautiful, and crowded.

Waterfall Detifoss
Detifoss Waterfall

Further north, up an unpaved road (this is what we got the 4WD for!), we checked out these really amazing rock formations around an area called Vesturdalur, and ended at this canyon at Ásbyrgi. Lots of uphill climbs and beautiful, if somewhat precarious views (partly because it kept raining lightly and making the rocks slippery on the hills!). Stunning, and after Dettifoss, very few people were around the trails.

Sign in Iceland
Funny sign on the walking path. Unless you fall.
rock formation Iceland
Hólmatungur rock formation

Iceland Road Trip Views of the Arctic

Then we gassed up at another N1 and drove along the Arctic. We made it as far as Húsavíkur, which was our Arctic camping spot for the night. But first, we went to the town pool and hot tubs, because we are in Iceland, and because we needed showers and haven’t had a hot tub since yesterday.

View from a hot tub in Iceland
Our view from the hot tub was very pretty

This wasn’t quite as idyllic but for $6 each, we got a choice of a warm pool and 3 hot tubs and hot showers! I admit, I was calling this place Hvarti for a while because of the cheese and it’s not even close. Bad Melinda. My appreciation of Iceland views grows but my grasp of the language is not improving.

Thank you Ed, Denise, James and Sandy for the recommendations. We are loving the scenery here. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our Iceland road trip views. Tomorrow is Myvatn time!

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