Christmas in the Caribbean

Are you a Christmas fanatic who shops all year round for decorations and gifts or more of a Scrooge? If you are the first, then visit the Caribbean anytime after October. Christmas in the Caribbean starts early: all the malls in St. Lucia were decorated and Christmas carols blasted from the speakers when we were there in November.

Since readers liked last year’s photo blog from Florida, here’s one from the Caribbean, mostly Martinique, where Santa and other holiday decor is the norm. The majority of the festive ornamentation is traditional and (fake) evergreen and wreaths abound, but I prefer the original and surprising celebrations, like the relaxed Santa in the display in Sainte Anne, Martinique.

Caribbean Christmas display
Christmas display in Sainte Anne

Traditional christmas displays

We’ve visited several towns, malls and the Christmas Market (Marché Noël) in Fort De France. While pine trees are hard to come by, the spirit is here and the kids all seem to love it.

Fort de France Christmas
At the Fort de France Christmas market
Christmas in the Caribbean
Christmas tree set-up
Christmas in the Caribbean
Mall decorations in Martinique
Caribbean Christmas tree
Christmas tree in Fort de France

santas on the streets

My favorite display was in Saint Anne, Martinique where Santa is relaxing in a hammock with a drink. Another highlight was the Santa motorcycle rally we saw last weekend in Trois Islets! Bike after bike driven by costumed Santas! A true Caribbean Christmas celebration!

Santas Christmas in the Caribbean
Santas on motorcycles in Trois Islets, Martinique
Santas on bikes
Santas riding through Trois Islets

christmas in the caribbean on a boat

Boaters decorate too! Can’t say Brian and I are that organized but we’ve got the hats!

Christmas decor on a boat
Decorated boat in Martinique
Christmas in the Caribbean
Our friend’s Bliss decorated their boat
Christmas in Anse Mitan
This jet skier wore a Santa hat on Christmas in Anse Mitan

Christmas in the caribbean

This is our first Christmas on the boat and we are fortunate to be spending it with cruiser friends.

Last night was a music jam and lots of snacks and drinks on one boat, and today is a pot-luck feast on another boat.

Christmas in the Caribbean music jam
Brian jamming on The High C’s Christmas Eve

As they say in France, Joyeuses Fetes!

Holiday sign
Holiday sign near the Fort de France waterfront
Christmas in the Caribbean pin
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Christmas in the Caribbean pin
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  1. I have never had a warm christmas, so this would be really fun to experience! I love the poster with santa at the beach. 🙂

    What do you eat for a Caribbean Christmas?

    1. Hi Josy! A warm Christmas is nice: I am definitely getting used to it! In Martinique, the influence is very French. The supermarkets sell lots of pastries and cookies, and duck and ham were both popular main course items. And since it’s the Caribbean, lots of fish are available! The only thing that is tough to find is turkey, which is more of an issue at Thanksgiving time. Have a great holiday!

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