Cats of the Caribbean

Caribbean Cat

If you’re looking for a post about catamarans, keep moving, because this is all about the cute and friendly cats and kittens I keep seeing on the islands. Whenever I see one, I try to take a photo so here’s a cats of the Caribbean post. Don’t worry, Domino doesn’t know, and she still gets lots of love from us at home.

Most of these sweet felines are from Martinique, but some were spotted in Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe. Some are so friendly they’ll walk right up to you and most are so secure they won’t run away when you approach. Here’s some cute cats of the Caribbean.

Cats in Saint Lucia

We met this first girl in a bar in Soufriere, Saint Lucia. She lived in that bar and was really affectionate with both of us and got especially curious about Brian’s phone.

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Cats in the French Islands

In Martinique and Guadeloupe, cats are everywhere: we’ll be on a hike and stumble upon one sitting in the sun or sit down and spy one under a table in a cafe. They are everywhere and they own the place, or at least it felt that way.


You really never know where you’ll spot a cat! In religious symbols, sure!

Cats in the streets and trails

I am inevitably surprised when I see something moving out of the corner of my eye and it turns out to be a cute cat in a park, on the beach, anywhere we’re walking!

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  • Cat in the street
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Cats in groups

A group of cats is called a clowder, and we saw those in the laneways and countryside of Martinique.

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Cats in cafés

Fluffy felines are welcome – or maybe they just can’t get rid of them – in the cafés down here, and they may as well try to get some food while they’re at it.

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  • Cat in cafe Martinique
  • Cat in cafe
  • Cats in Martinique
  • Cat at juice bar
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Aren’t they cute? Don’t you want to cuddle them? Some of the cats of the Caribbean are friendly and relaxed, others a little shy, but for the most part, they’re healthy and looked really soft. There are many more cats who ran away before I was ready.

Our Cat: New Photos Of Domino

You all love her so much, how could I do a post about cats without showing you the latest on our own tuxedo cat? She’s very healthy, well fed and is mostly happy except when we have a bumpy crossing. I don’t blame her for that at all. Remember, Domino has an instagram account, dommieonthego you can follow.

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