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A pretty little island north of Grenada and part of the same country, Carriacou is a must visit if you make it all the way to Grenada. Grenada has the size and amenities and a lot of safe harbors, but Carriacou boasts clearer, cleaner water and a more relaxed vibe. When you visit, check out our Carriacou favorites.

The trip from Grenada north to Carriacou takes only a few hours and we should have visited more often. At least we stopped on our way down in July and again in October.

Here is why you should visit and what to do in Carriacou.

Carriacou map

Windward boat builders

At the northeast part of Carriacou is a little beachfront town, called Windward because it is on that side of the island. Historically, Scots moved here and brought their boat building skills with them so the town is renowned in the Caribbean for the boats they make.

We didn’t see a lot of redheads, but met some folks with last names beginning “Mac” who carry on the boat building tradition today.

Boat building in Windward Carriacou
Note the sign for “tips” on the boat being built in Windward, Carriacou

We met one man who spent years making his boat and another just months.

Boat building in Windward
A boat a little closer to being finished in Windward

Carriacou crafted vessels are in use all over the local islands; they are seaworthy and very colorful. You stop in where they buuld them near the water and for a small donation of your choice, the builders will answer questions and show off their work.

Scenes of the water from a beach in Windward
Scenes of the water from a beach in Windward

Sandy Island

Beautiful water for swimming and snorkeling! Calm days away from the crowds. Solo beach walks. All of these sum up our experience of protected Sandy Island, part of a larger nature reserve very close to the two main towns of Carriacou.

Sandy Island is a heavenly place, and high on our list of Carriacou favorites.

Sandy Island Carriacou
Sandy Island, Carriacou

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is between the two main towns, Tyrell Bay and Hillsborough, and is the most popular Carriacou beach. It’s got a nice long sand strip with lots of little beach bars and locally owned restaurants the whole way.

We got a great bbq dinner at Paradise Beach and would go again. Whether running out of food on board or you want to have a night out with friends, this is a fun dinner choice. The guys from the beach barbecue will pick you up from your boat and bring you to and from the beach restaurant, which is basically tables in the sand. You also don’t have to be a boater to go there!

September to March is lobster season and the selling point of these beach barbecues. The lobsters are huge and the grilled fish is another good option. It comes with so many sides – served family style – you won’t be hungry again for days!

lobster paradise beach Carriacou favorite
That’s a big lobster!
Friends before a feast at Sandy Island
Enjoying the beach BBQ with cool cruisers at Paradise Beach

Hospital Hill

You can hike up the big hill between Tyrell Bay and Hillsborough, or take a taxi, it’s rewarding either way. Currently the site of the island’s hospital, the views are tremendous, and there are relics of the island’s past with cannons pointing out to sea and an old windmill nearby. The hospital workers have a nice view when they take their lunch break outside.

View from Hospital Hill Carriacou Favorite
Hospital Hill view

Anse La Roche

If not paradise, this little protected bay on the north west of the island comes pretty close. Anse La Roche offers clear water, beautiful reefs and rock formations for snorkeling or diving, and a lovely beach where turtles lay their eggs annually.

The bay is well protected and the water was very calm when we anchored there in October. We made friends with some other cruisers who were boating together. They were making a feast of gumbo and other Southern foods and invited us to join! We were very low on provisions but I managed to throw together some homemade shortbread cookies. Phew. I was really worried for a minute I was going to have to bring a bag of potato chips and some canned food.

Cruisers potluck Carriacou
Just some of the potluck!
Gumbo at a potluck
Traditional Louisiana gumbo! We were spoiled!
Potluck in Anse la Roche
Potluck in Anse la Roche

When you visit Grenada, first do as many as my Grenada faves as you can, then take the ferry to Carriacou for a couple days and don’t miss our Carriacou favorites.

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