First Day in Cartagena: Buenas Dias

Cartagena fruit vendor

So it’s my first full day and I thought I’d get a post in before I move around this busy city. I am excited and nervous as a new solo traveler for my first day in Cartagena!

Sleeping In My New Home on My First Day in Cartagena

I slept well despite the heat. As Marcela hosts volunteers regularly, she knows we gringos can’t take the heat, so I have lots of fans. I have one ceiling fan and two area fans, which are both blasting straight at me, because it is very hot in Cartagena! If you want to know more about where I am staying, you can read more about the homestay.

Breakfast in The Homestay

My desayuno (breakfast) and coffee were provided by my Colombian mom, (who is my age but treats me like a mom) Marcela. Juevos revueltos and pan (scrambled eggs and bread) and both were a little sweet and delicious!

desayuno scrambled eggs first day in Cartagena

Neighborhood Annoucements

As I was eating breakfast, I heard announcements from the street. We are in a residential area and vendors drive around selling food! Last night was pan (bread), and this morning I saw both juice and fruit vendors. Apparently this is common in Cartagena. Marcela bought some fruit but I am stuffed from breakfast. Maybe tomorrow. Loving the differences in Cartagena.

On My first day in Cartagena I saw what will become a common sight: vendors selling fruit from moving vehicles
fruit vendor in Cartagena

My trip has only begun but I am excited. Excited for more new adventures as I embark on my solo travel experience in Cartagena and Colombia. Do what scares you, but do it wisely.

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