Boating Around The Berry Islands

The Bahamas water at Hoffmans Cay

We’ve been in The Bahamas over a week and most of it has been spent enjoying the beautiful weather and clear waters boating the Berry Islands.

Great Harbor Cay

Though adjacent to a cruise line-owned island and home to an airport, Great Harbor Cay feels remote. A great introduction to the Berry Islands for us, we spent 3 nights anchored here. The island is occupied by only 350 or so people, and all of those we interacted with were warm and open; two different people gave us rides. We spent an afternoon traversing the island and the town of Bullocks Harbor by foot, visiting a couple of restaurants, a stunning beach, the marina, and the grocery store.

Colorful town of Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
Colorful town of Great Harbor Cay

The beach we visited was near the Beach Club, which had some good grub and cocktails.

The Beach Club Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands
The Beach Club Great Harbor Cay

We loved this beach! It was long, with shallow crystal clear water and no one else on it. We walked along the beach, swam in the cool water and took photos. I have never before seen an empty pristine beach on such a perfect day. We took advantage, swimming and lounging the afternoon away.

Great Harbor Cay beach, Berry Islands
Brian in the water great Harbor Cay Beach
Hoffmans Cay

Talk about pristine! This little area further south in the island chain has no homes or residents. Just us boaters. And animals: our first day at Hoffmans we saw a turtle swim by the boat, and we saw a Caribbean black stingray from our dinghy yesterday!

Bahamas, water, Hoffmans Cay
The Bahamas water at Hoffmans Cay

This area is exquisite, with palm trees on rocks and a beach with the softest sand I have ever felt. I want to go back and snuggle the sand.

We had an adrenaline moment jumping into the only known attraction on Hoffmans, The Blue Hole. The 20 foot jump looked scary but was exciting, fun and really quick.

Blue Hole Hoffmans Cay
Blue Hole Hoffmans Cay
Jumping in!

We snorkeled in deep and salty water in the middle of the island, where we saw a couple more turtles along with some smaller fish.

Blue Hole, Berry Islands
The blue hole

The water at our anchorage was about 12 feet deep and there are several conch and starfish on bottom. Did I mention how clear it is? Nice snorkeling there, with conch and starfish on the ocean floor.

snorkeling, blue water, Bahamas, Hoffmans
Brian snorkeling next to Sava in Hoffmans Cay

We met another couple earlier in the week at Great Harbor Cay who also came to Hoffman’ Cay and had sundowners with them on our boat. It’s one of our favorite cruiser traditions!

Whale Cay

Today we braved 25 knot winds to sail south to Whale and Little Whale Cays. We are the only boat anchored here and the only other people around are those working on the private island. You can rent the island for you and 11 friends, and it has a small airport and a chapel for weddings.

Little Whale Cay, Berry Islands
Private island in The Berrys

Us? We’ll just enjoy the view, the nearby beach that’s not on a private island, and relax. We’ll be here for a few days boating The Berry Islands and then head to Nassau to pick up our guests.

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