Blue Water Sailing

Six months ago, we started looking for a boat. Three months ago, we officially bought Sava. Two months ago, we flew down to Florida and moved onto our boat. We’ve gotten used to her, learned how she works and kitted her out with the things we need for our life and journeys on board. Tomorrow is another new experience for all of us: our first “blue water sailing” trip. Destination: The Bahamas.

New Experience: Blue Water Sailing

This is not our longest trip. The sails to, from, and within The Florida Keys were further distance and tomorrow’s should take less time. What sets it apart for us as sailors is that we will not have sight of land for a few hours tomorrow. It is a bit scary but we’ve built up to this and are taking baby steps. We aren’t trying to cross an ocean here, but the Gulf Stream, which has its own set of issues, like pushing us away from where we want to be.


Wish us luck tomorrow. We have been checking weather and wind forecasts for weeks and tomorrow is our day.

We are nervous but not hesitant. We’ve been preparing and have done everything we planned to do leading up to this.

It’s never too late to try something new. Challenging yourself, even when you don’t succeed, is rewarding just from the experience. (The adrenaline is also a kick.) We have set ourselves up for success and are having a good time with the journey too!

At some point tomorrow, either before or after we lose sight of land, we will lose cell signals too. If you are following me or Brian or Domino on social media, you’ll know when we are back online. I will post photos soon from The Bahamas.

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