Blokarting in Bonaire

Blokarting in Bonaire

Bonaire is known as “A Diver’s Paradise” but we’re not just diving here. There are a lot of adventure sports in Bonaire and we want to try them all! When we explored the east end of the island, we drove past what looked like a go-cart track but the vehicles had sails on them. Intrigued, we investigated and then we had to go blokarting in Bonaire. Here’s what it was like to try this adventure sport.

Blokarts Bonaire
The blokarts waiting for adventurous riders!

About Blokarting

When we drove by Bonaire Landsailing Adventures, we were right to liken it to go-karting. They even call the sport “Blokarting!” because it’s using the wind for power. Get it? The business owners are originally from New Zealand where these vehicles originate. Yes, they shipped the carts all the way from New Zealand so people could go blokarting in Bonaire. It’s a new extreme adventure sport and we like to try them all!

How to Go Blokarting in Bonaire

The land sailing track is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean, so of course it struck our attention when we drove past it. Located on the east end of the island, north of our mooring field, it’s on the way to Bonaire’s second town, Rincon. If you have a vehicle, it’s easy to drive there from Kralendjik. Or, arrange in advance and they’ll pick you up.

We made reservations in advance for us and our friends Greg and Jan. When we arrived we got the briefing on how to drive the blokarts. It’s easy to learn: you use one hand to steer and the other to control the sail. As the track is an oval, you need to note the wind direction. It rarely changes here in Bonaire, mostly coming from the east, so the turn into the east is the most important turn. You need some momentum at that turn or you’ll get stuck. We all, except for Brian, learned that the hard way on our first turn and never looked back!

Blokarting group
Our group after blokarting

30 Minutes of Fun

You can sign up for a blokarting session of 30 minutes or an hour. We signed up for 30 minutes and it was perfect. You can only race around a track gripping a rope in one hand while steering with the other for so long! Your gripping hand gets sore or cramped, unfortunately. But those 30 minutes were a lot of fun!

We all tried to lap each other of course, and about 5 minutes into the session, another group of 5 joined the track. 4 of them were kids and they made the experience even more fun. I think the more people on the track, the more fun blokarting is. Within reason. For safety, they only have 9 or 10 vessels, so that keeps the track from getting overcrowded. For safety, they also tell you to stay on 3 wheels. That’s hard to do when you’re ripping around the bends, but we always got back on the 3 wheels in the end.

Blokarting in Bonaire Logistics

You don’t have to be a sailor to try landsailing. Blokarting is easy to learn. Call, whatsapp or message them in advance to make a reservation or just make sure they’ll be open. Almost all ages are allowed. They do have a medical form to complete, and it isn’t recommended for people with certain conditions or pregnant people. They have safety protocols and monitor the track constantly.

You can bring your camera and take photos but it’s not necessary because staff at the track are there filming. They sent us pictures from our session within a few days, and load them on facebook as long as you approve.

You can go with a few friends or even rent out the track for a whole group. I recommend it. We had fun blokarting in Bonaire.

What do you think? Would you try blokarting if you could?

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    1. Neither had we but we’re glad we tried them. Apparently they are starting to spread so if you see them somewhere, try it! Your kids will love it as much as you!

  1. HA! Omg this looks so fun and I’ve never heard of such a thing before! This looks like an absolute blast!!!!

  2. This looks like a blast! Do you think as you’re used to being on boats, it was easier for you to get the hang of blokarting? I have a feeling I would be terrible, but it looks like great fun, especially if you can have a taster with just 30mins.

  3. I’ve never tried this but I did have to build a mini landsail once upon a time (back in junior high as a science engineering project)! This looks like fun!

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