Being Scared Of Solo Travel

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So there’s that saying “do something that scares you” and I do agree with it. To me, there are benefits to being scared. In this case, it’s about being scared of solo travel. I want to try new things and sometimes I can only do them alone. That is not going to stop me. Before today, I thought this trip to Nicaragua didn’t scare me. Colombia scared me! I had never travelled alone before Colombia. But I did it! I figured, I’ve done it, and being scared of solo travel should be off the table for me now.


Wrong. I am so scared. I don’t want to be away from Brian for 6 weeks. That’s too long! Too late now. I leave today. He’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I will miss him to bits though, wow.

Last night, we went out for dinner and to a gallery show for my last night in town. The art exhibit was really great – it was a collective of design students showcasing their senior projects in process. And this one quote caught my eye and fits this moment for me right now. I don’t know: it is making me feel better about going on this journey alone. Plus, Brian supports this completely, and I know a bunch of you reading this do too!

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Getting Used to Being Scared

As a woman, I often feel like I am taking a risk when I venture out alone. Traveling to a new place where I am not fluent in the language is scary alone. I think I need to get used to being scared of solo travel. It’s still worth it because it is also exciting and self-improving. Let’s focus on the positive now, shall we?

Do you have tips on how to be less scared about solo travel? Would love to hear them!

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