Bahamas Favorites

Deans Blue Hole Bahamas

Last Friday we departed from the southeastern end of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. After Long Island, we sailed to Crooked and Acklins Islands, followed by Mayaguana. From there, we tacked to the upper reaches of Turks and Caicos. We are no longer there but we will always remember our Bahamas favorites.

Bahamas Outer islands
From Long Island to Acklins and Crooked to the Mayaguanas, Bahamas

We spent more time in the Bahamas than expected, and we would have preferred a longer stay. There are still so many islands we didn’t visit. Here’s a look back on our favorite Bahamas memories.

My recommendation to you if you come here: get out of Nassau. If you have more than a weekend to spend, take a prop plane to any of the other small islands: the Berrys, Crooked Island, Compass Key for example. Enjoy the quiet and calm, the wildlife and the people. You will not be disappointed.

Our Bahamas Favorites

Yes, that’s right. This is a joint decision. These are the things we will always remember about this time, our Bahamas favorites.

The Beaches

The sand is so soft you could sleep comfortably on it, but the flies will wake you. We walked for miles on some stunning empty beaches and then swam in clear shallow surf when we got too warm. Would do this everyday if possible!

The Bahamians

The friendly smiling people of The Bahamas are among the kindest, most helpful people we’ve ever met. From the man whose club in Bimini was destroyed in a storm who took us on a mini tour of his homeland, to the people who gave us rides in the Berry Islands, to all those who chatted with us and gave us advice. The people are definitely better in the Bahamas. We are trying to emulate their relaxed friendly natures.

At Pig Beach Bahamas
The Ocean Life

We snorkeled with rays, sharks, turtles and many schools of fish. We played in the ocean with pigs. Rays and turtles and barracuda visited us at anchor. I love how the Bahamians help tourists get closer to the animals.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

I already wrote about how much we loved it here and I would return in a heartbeat even to fight with the mooring balls. I read that most of the fish in the Bahamas come from this protected park. Well done!

Exumas Bahamas
Exumas mooring field
Bahamas Hot Sauce

I wish we had bought more.

Bahamas hot sauce
Hot sauce from The Bahamas
Bush Mechanic Song

The most popular song in the Bahamas! I heard this song the most. It’s catchy and I only half kid about missing it.

We move on. Bahamas was great. Turks and Caicos is beautiful and we will have more stories to share soon.

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