First Day in Cartagena: Buenas Dias

So it’s my first full day and I thought I’d get a post in before I move around this busy city. I am excited and nervous as a new solo traveler for my first day in Cartagena!

Sleeping In My New Home on My First Day in Cartagena

I slept well despite the heat. As Marcela hosts volunteers regularly, she knows we gringos can’t take the heat, so I have lots of fans. I have one ceiling fan and two area fans, which are both blasting straight at me, because it is very hot in Cartagena! If you want to know more about where I am staying, you can read more about the homestay.

Breakfast in The Homestay

My desayuno (breakfast) and coffee were provided by my Colombian mom, (who is my age but treats me like a mom) Marcela. Juevos revueltos and pan (scrambled eggs and bread) and both were a little sweet and delicious!

desayuno scrambled eggs first day in Cartagena
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I’ve Arrived in Cartagena

It was a long eventful day but I’ve arrived in Cartagena and am looking forward to what’s next. Here’s a recap of the planes and automobiles that took me from Toronto to Cartagena.

Getting to YYZ

I took an uber pool in Toronto at 530am thinking no one would share the ride at that hour on a holiday Monday. Wrong! I ended up with two drunk girls who hadn’t gone to bed yet and were hilarious and woke me up for my flights. They got dropped off in Mississauga and I got to the airport with plenty of time for my flight. Gotta love the people you meet in uber pools.

Flight 1: Toronto to Miami

The Toronto to Miami flight was also interesting because the woman in the window seat of my row kept complaining about her health. Now I am not a medical professional so can’t say if it was legit but the Air Canada staff took it seriously and were very caring. I ended up getting to know the guy sitting in the middle seat because he and I kept having to get up to accommodate the flight crew and a doctor. Yes! They made an announcement looking for a doctor on the flight just like in the movies – and at least 3 people came forward. Anyway, my seat mate had just had a great visit to Toronto for Caribana so we had lots to talk about. And I think the lady in the window just had indigestion. Again, not a medical pro, but she ate a lot.

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Packing Light

I leave tomorrow so now is the time to pack. Those who’ve travelled with me know I like to pack light. This is a long trip, though: I’ll be gone for 5 1/2 weeks and I want to have workout clothes, working clothes, beach clothes and going out clothes! Plus shoes! You ladies know what I mean.

Want Versus Need For Packing Light

I am trying to only take one roller bag and a backpack. On top of clothes and shoes, I need toiletries, meds (hello Gravol for seasickness!), computer, phone, chargers, Lonely Planet Colombia, Spanish/English dictionary, sunblock and bug spray, of course!

packed bag
I got it closed!
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