Animals of The Caribbean In Photos

land animals of the caribbean photos

You know I like cats, but I appreciate most animals. In fact, I squeal, point and try to take photos (not necessarily in that order) of most animals I see, on land and under the sea. In the Caribbean, animals like goats, sheep, donkeys, cows, dogs, birds, monkeys, and lizards abound on land, and I’ve spotted them all. This post focuses on land animals of the Caribbean in photos.

Lizard spotted in the park in Fort-de-France, Martinique

birds of the caribbean

The famous Dominica parrot from their flag is not the only bird I’ve seen in the Caribbean. Take a look at some photos of birds from my travels.

I never would have seen these birds unless they were in a cage. Grenada

We always see the same birds when we walk south from Jolly Harbor towards Ffyres Beach.

This guy walks the streets near Jolly Harbor – I like his funky hair
This one has cool feet

frigate bird sanctuary

I can’t talk about birds of the Caribbean without mentioning the Barbuda Frigate birds. What an amazing protected place with thousands of frigate birds. We saw babies, females and the males in heat and took lots of photos.

Barbuda frigate bird sanctuary
More frigate birds than I could count
frigate bird Barbuda
Frigate bird in flight Barbuda
frigate bird
Male frigate bird attracting attention in Barbuda


Goats are very common in the Caribbean; we see them tied up or roaming free everywhere. When we were in Nevis, we learned you tell goats and sheep apart because goat’s tails go up while sheep’s go down and goats eat everything while sheep only eat grass. I think the latter is why there are more goats in the Caribbean: they are easy to feed. Apparently, they also know where home is and always go back at dusk. Plus, they are very cute and pretty fearless animals.

Goats animals of the Caribbean photos
Goats are everywhere! These had a nice view in Antigua but were more focused on eating
baby goat Antigua
I met this little baby goat at a market in Antigua
This mama goat and her two newborns were so sweet at The Donkey sanctuary in Antigua

the donkey sanctuary

If you like animals, visit The Donkey Sanctuary in Antigua. You need a car but there’s enough else to do on the island to make it worthwhile.

animals of the Caribbean
Donkey selfie

Don’t let the name fool you. The Donkey Sanctuary protects cats and dogs and goats too. Upon arrival, the guide gave us a good overview and gave us brushes to groom the donkeys. The donkeys are sweet and some love the brushes. If you stop brushing, they’ll bump right into the brush to get you to continue.

Donkeys of the Caribbean in photos
Brian brushing a very happy donkey

The cats are all in one room, with their own little cages, some closed, some open. They have all sorts of climbing opportunities and a few toys. They love attention too, so it’s fun to visit the cat area of the Donkey Sanctuary.

Donkey Sanctuary cats Antigua
Cats at the Donkey Sanctuary

The sanctuary is affiliated with the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society, and entry is free but they have a great gift shop and accept donations.

kittens of antigua animals of the caribbean photos
Kitties having fun at the Donkey Sanctuary


Monkeys live on only a few islands, because they are not indigenous to the Caribbean, but were brought to the islands on ships. I’ve seen monkeys in the wild in St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada, and love it every time I see one. Everybody knows monkeys love bananas, but they are just as greedy for mangoes. Bring some with you if you want them to get close.

Mona Monkey of the caribbean
Mona Monkey taking mango from our hands in Grand Etang, Grenada
monkeys Nevis
Vervet monkeys on the side of the road in Nevis


The common term for a mutt down here is a “pothound.” They are all over Grenada, Dominica and The Grenadines, and probably other Caribbean island. I prefer to take photos of the healthy ones, but there are also some very unwell pups. Some even have owners but the owners can’t afford treatments and medication. Many islands are trying to help these adorable pups with spaying/neutering and medical treatments. Some of the ones we’ve encountered include SGAK in Union Island and the Grenada SPCA.

Dominica puppies animals of the Caribbean photos
We met these cute pups on a hike in Dominica

Hope you enjoyed these and are doing what you can to support animals everywhere!

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  2. I feel like I need to vtravel to Caribbean even if it´s only to see those colorful birds! I love parrots, would be great to see the famous Dominica parrot with my own eyes!

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