A Quick Tour of Rivas, Nicaragua – It’s All I Needed

Rivas market

The school took us on a field trip to Rivas. It’s the closest big town, between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean, and has a population of just under 50,000. Compared to San Juan del Sur, it’s HUGE. When there was an opportunity to do a tour of Rivas, Nicaragua, I took it.

Rivas doesn’t get a lot of tourists. It’s mainly a stopping off point to switch local buses from San Juan del Sur to Ometepe, Granada and Managua. We took the local bus, aka “chicken bus” and stayed in Rivas.

Our group from school on the bus, before it filled up

The chicken bus cost 17 cordobas, which is about 60 cents US. We got there early so we could have seats. Glad we did because the bus left before 8am, was packed the whole way, and took more than an hour with all the stops to pick up and drop off. The return trip was a little better but not much!

We only had two hours for our visit and tour of Rivas, but our teachers or “guides” made the most of it. We visited the archeology museum of Rivas, which thankfully was free, because there wasn’t much to see; a cool old church;

Rivas church
Inside the church in Rivas

the very large market;

Rivas market
More from the market in Rivas

and the town park, which is new and fronts on the town cathedral. Lots in 2 hours!

Rivas Parque
Rivas Park and Cathedral

At the bus station in Rivas to get home, we waited patiently with other passengers. When the bus arrived in the station, all hell broke loose. Myself and the other “gringos” from the Spanish school were getting shoved and climbed upon by men, women and children to get on the bus fastest. We stepped aside if we could, and waited for the craziness to be over. Once we did board the bus, there were still plenty of seats, but a couple of tourists who hadn’t been able to exit! It was not a fine example of humanity by any means. No me gusta!

Bus Rivas
Chicken Bus boarding

Still, we had a fun day trip and I went somewhere I would never have gone on my own.  And, I know what to expect if I do take the chicken bus again.

A tour of Rivas Nicaragua PIN
A day Trip to Rivas Nicaragua
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