A PADI Instructor

A PADI Instructor Graduates

I have been feeling a lot of emotions since I PASSED the final section of the instructor’s exam on Tuesday morning, and they were all so good. I can’t tell you how much I have smiled and how well I have slept since I got my certification on Wednesday: I am a PADI instructor!

If At First You Don’t Succeed

I have been smiling for days, and of course, celebrating. And diving too. It’s a pretty great feeling to finally have succeeded in something I’ve worked hard to get right. Some people say it’s sweeter since I failed the first time. I don’t know about that; I do know I would have preferred to not have failed. But I didn’t, and I probably did learn from it. At the moment, I am reveling in the success. I only have a few more days in Utila and I am very happy to be returning home an instructor.

Supportive People

I have been helped by so many amazing and supportive people: Brian especially. I loved working with all the students in both sessions; that was a plus because I got to practice more with more great people and made a lot of friends in the process. Our instructors, Andy and Bryony, were tireless in their commitment to us and that’s definitely an inspiration as I embark on this new vocation.

IDC Instructors UDC
Me with Bryony and Andy, our very hard working and committed instructors on the IDC

Learning From Failure

Now that I think about it, I did learn a lot from failure. I learned that it is so freaking normal and everybody does it and people don’t look down on you when you fail. In fact, they are really supportive and wonderful.

I came to Utila knowing nobody and made so many friends here who I hope will be friends for a long time to come. And many of them helped me by listening to me worry out loud, or practicing with me, or loaning me dive equipment, or giving me a hug, and having faith in me when I was struggling with my confidence. I wouldn’t have realized that if I had eased through everything effortlessly.

So yes, there is a bright side. People who were strangers cared and helped and made a difference. And that’s normal too. So yea, life is good. Don’t give up and be honest when you fail and accept help. It worked for me!

A PADI Instructor
SO happy to have the official cert: A PADI Instructor!
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