A Long Hike Up a High Hill in Bogotá: Quebrada la Vieja or Chapinero Mountain

A Guided Hike in Bogotá

We knew we needed the exercise, and our host Robin was willing to take us up the nearby mountain for some outdoor entertainment and views of Bogotá. We got up early this morning and started at 6:30am for a long hike up a high hill in Bogotá.

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Chapinero Mountain

We left so early because the hike is on privately owned land and is only open to the public until 10am. It’s a beautiful spot along a river with eucalyptus and pine trees so it also smelled great too!

Robin told us the mountain doesn’t have a name, but the river site is called Quebrada La Vieja. I’ve also seen some tours online call it Chapinero Mountain, but there really is not much info about it. It’s a “secret” locals hike, which in parts felt like it was alone to us. It was also steps from city streets but looked, sounded and felt very remote at times.

Underpass on our hike in Bogota with lots of beautiful graffiti
The walk under the road to start the trail

The Hike

We walked from Robin’s apartment to the mountain and then up and back, so all in all it took about 3 hours from start to finish.

Trees on the hike

The altitude was a little rough, as Bogotá is one of the highest cities in South America. At 8,675 feet above sea level it is high to us, especially after coming from Cartagena at sea level! It’s a good thing we waited a few days after coming to Bogotá before climbing Mount Chapinero. And, the views from this long hike up a high hill in Bogotá were definitely worth it!

Quebrada Vieja hike
Brian, Robin and I at the top of Chapinero Mountain
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