A Day At the Beach Playa Hermosa, San Juan del Sur

Playa Hermosa

The first actividad (activity) offered at school was an afternoon trip to the beach! The town beach is San Juan del Sur is not much, so people take shuttles or private cars to beaches outside of town. We spent a day at the beach Playa Hermosa, which is owned privately by an eco-lodge and allows visitors for a fee of $10 US.

The drive was about 15 minutes from school/home, and it is a beautiful beach! The place is so stunning that is was used as the site of a couple seasons of Survivor, for all you reality TV fans out there.

Survivor Nicaragua signs
Survivor signs at the Playa Hermosa bar

If you want to, you can stay in the lodge at Playa Hermosa. It’s remote and far from town, but they do have a bar and restaurant. For me, it’s a good spot for a day at the beach.

Playa Hermosa resort
Playa Hermosa resort
a day at the beach Playa Hermosa
Wet sand at the beach at Playa Hermosa

A popular surf beach, Playa Hermosa is just as good for swimming or relaxing, which is exactly what we did! I also took a lot of photos because it was really beautiful.

Beautiful beach
The sun was getting low in the sky at Playa Hermosa

The activities and trips offered at school are great and include visiting an adventure park and hiking to the statue of Christo in San Juan del Sur. The trip to Playa Hermosa was a great day!

A day at the beach Playa Hermosa. you can walk the sand for hours
Playa Hermosa, where it looks like the beach goes on forever!
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