Walking Around Cape Town: Bo-Kaap Tour

When I go to a new city, I like to get acclimated to the place through a guided tour. Bike tours are scarce in Cape Town, probably because of all the hills, but there are good guided tours thanks to Cape Town Free Walking Tours.

Cape Town Free Walking Tours offers 3 walking tour options at 2 different times of day. Our first day in Cape Town, we took the tour of Bo-Kaap.

Bo-Kaap Tour
Photo taken on the Bo-Kaap walking tour

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Free León City Tour

Leon is an interesting city to walk around, but it’s always better to have a guide! I happened to find a new company that offers free walking tours every morning so did the tour on Thursday. The tour lasted 90 minutes and covered the centre of the city. I learned more about the history of the city, the country and some of the murals depicting these stories. On the tour with me were a Canadian couple and 3 Germans. Germans and Canadians are the most common tourists in Nicaragua right now.

I already mentioned the enormous amount of churches here, and the guide, Sebastian, pointed out León is known as a city of churches as there are 2 Catholic churches per neighbourhood here. I don’t know why that’s necessary but the churches are pretty to look at and have some crazy icons inside. He also informed us that the main cathedral has tunnels to 5 different churches in the city. These were created to fend off pirates!

Cathedral de León
Crypt entrance in the Cathedral of León

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Munich Outside the Beer Halls

If you visit Munich and you don’t like beer or you just need a break from it, there are plenty of other things to do outside the beer halls.  We kept very busy visiting the other side too.

Walking Tour of Munich

Sandemans Munich Tour
Munich Tour – it was a big group for a cold New Year’s Day

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First Day in Reykjavik: Walking Tour

Early yesterday morning we dropped off our campervan at CampEasy and our bags at our Reykjavik hotel. What to do to get a first taste of a new city? We like to go on walking tours! The good news is CityWalks Iceland puts on free walking tours of the city centre every day so we booked that for 1:30PM.

The tour was great! Sara, our guide, is a local and a historian – she studied with Iceland’s president, so pretty good credentials. She was entertaining and told some really fun and interesting stories about the city and country.

Thoughts on Reykjavik:

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Great Walking Tour of Medellin – in English!

Yes, I am tired from the day of touring the city, but more than that, I am really impressed by this sprawling and interesting – and beauty filled – city of 2.5 million people.

This morning I woke up at 8:45am! I haven’t slept this late since sometime in July in Toronto, maybe. I don’t remember. After all the action of yesterday, I slept late today.

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