Somoto Canyon Day Trip

Somoto Canyon
Somoto Canyon
Somoto Entrance Sign

Ever since I read about Somoto Canyon, I have wanted to visit. As you know, this trip was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but I messed that up big time! I tried again yesterday and the day started fine; I got a taxi and held onto my wallet and bag for dear life. Once I boarded and  saw a woman carrying actual chickens onto the bus, I knew it was a good sign! Some people go whole vacations without seeing a chicken on the chicken bus, and I got two chickens on my 4th chicken bus! The day was going to be good!

Chicken Bus
The woman with 2 chickens on the chicken bus to Somoto
Chicken bus
Zoom in on the chickens

I made it to Somoto Canyon!

Somoto Canyon
Beautiful Somoto

It was a beautiful day for it too – sunny and high 20s. The tour involves hiking, jumping, and swimming, and all three repeated over and over. The water was clear and refreshing and the highest height I jumped from was 6 meters, but usually only 2 or 3.

Swimming Section of Somoto

Somoto Canyon was likely formed by an earthquake ripping apart a mountain millions of years ago. It’s located in the way north of Nicaragua, and only a few kilometers from the Honduran border – my guide, Luis, pointed out a path where people escaped to Honduras to go north to the U.S.Somoto Canyon Map

Everything about the park was beautiful. The blue sky, the refreshing water, the cliffs. I also enjoyed the variety of activities. I’d get tired of scrambling over slippery rocks, and then it was time to jump in and go swimming!

Somoto Canyon
Jumping Point Somoto

Some of the sections were not so beautiful: there are farms all along the canyon, and cattle. Cow dung was EVERYWHERE! And damn, cow dung is huge. Fortunately, the tour guide gave me a pair of junky shoes to use so I didn’t care about them.

Somoto Canyon cow
One of the many cows in Somoto Canyon
Somoto Canyon
Rocky path Somoto

It was a long day. I caught a taxi at 6am, the bus at 6:30, another bus to the tour HQ from Somoto terminal at 9am, got geared up and started hiking soon after that, was back for lunch around 2pm, and had another set of buses starting at 2:30pm. I was back in my hostel around 5pm. I slept well last night! Glad I did it. It took me a while to get there, but I appreciated the beauty and tranquility of it once I was there. Oh to swim in a canyon. I could do that more often, if it was only closer.

Somoto Canyon
Somoto Cliff
Somoto Cave
Cave in Somoto
Somoto Canyon
Somoto Canyon Swimming spot