On Making Stupid Mistakes and Dealing With Them

That was not how I planned it! Yesterday I took the bus from Matagalpa to Esteli. The main reason I came to Esteli was to see the Somoto Canyon to the north, so I booked the tour yesterday from my hostal.

Today I had to get up early to catch a taxi to the bus station for a tour of Somoto Canyon. Instead I got money out of the ATM and left that money and my ATM card in the taxi. I realized it at the bus station but the cab was already gone. So I had to walk back to my hostel (fortunately only a 15 minute walk!) and cancel the tour and my ATM card. Do I feel like an idiot right now? YES I DO!


  • I lost about $250 and my ATM card. I had JUST taken out money from the bank. UGH!
  • I have no plans for today. Was going to do the 6 hour Somoto Canyon tour with hiking and swimming and lunch, but when I realized I had about 50 cents on me I realized I couldn’t take a bus or pay the guide and walked back to my hostel


  • I cancelled my ATM card (thanks Skype!) so no one can use it
  • I have some cash and my Visa card at my hostal. I will have to take out money with my Visa card and guard that thing with my life until Brian arrives on Friday. This is why I always keep my cards separate when I travel. I still have access to cash thankfully.
  • Thankfully I have another day in Esteli so I can reschedule the Somoto Canyon tour for tomorrow and it’s going to be great!
  • It’s still only 7am so I have a full day to fill with fun activities in Esteli
  • I am in Nicaragua and have no access to TV so didn’t watch Trump’s speech last night

OK I now have to figure out what to do today!

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of Esteli, so you can see where I am.

Esteli cathedral
The cathedral in Esteli
Mural Esteli
Mural in Esteli