After a day and a half in León, I like it. It’s a pretty town with some beautiful churches. A lot of pretty churches. So many, that I can’t keep track of which ones I’ve visited. There’s also a lot of museums, street art, and history here. This morning I am going on a walking tour of the city, so I should learn more about all of those things! In the meantime, I have been taking photos.

León Churches I visited some of the churches, including the fairy tale pretty Iglesia el Calvario and the more traditional Iglesia El Merced.

Iglesia El Calvario
The pretty Iglesia El Calvario

Finally, yesterday afternoon I explored the rooftop of the Cathedral of León. Barefoot. That’s right, once you step out onto the roof, you have to take off your shoes so as not to damage or taint the surface. It is very white! It was a very cool feeling exploring the roof of a cathedral barefoot. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, and for 1.25, it was fun! As there are no tall buildings here, the view from the cathedral roof was lovely, so I took lots of photos.

Cathedral Leon
Cathedral rooftop
Leon Cathedral
The roof
Leon Cathedral
View from the roof
Cathedral Leon
Another view from the roof

Heroes & Martyrs Park Across from the cathedral is the Heroes & Martyrs Park, with a mausoleum with some of their famous soldiers are buried here.

Heroes and Martyrs
Heroes and Martyrs
León street art
Street Art in León

Art Museum I also visited the local art museum, Centro de Arte Fundación Ortíz – Gurdián, which is housed in a few gorgeous old homes. The art is impressive – lots of cool modern works from Central American artists, plus they had a Goya/Dali special exhibit, and other more classical works. Each house that comprised the museum has a central courtyard with a garden or fountain or something beautiful. The museum even has a pet turtle which I saw wandering around. Unfortunately, visitors are barred from taking photographs so I couldn’t capture it. Again, the admission here is so cheap – less than $3 for foreigners – so visit if you can.

Centro de Arte Leon
Exterior of the Centro de Arte, Leon

I plan to learn a lot more on the walking tour this morning, plus I will also have VOLCANO BOARDING photos soon! Loving León!