Kruger Park Accommodations: Skukuza Rest Camp

Vervet Monkeys, Skukuza Kruger

This is the final installment in posts about Kruger Park accommodations with our last night’s camp, Skukuza Rest Camp.

Night Five: Skukuza Rest Camp

On our last night in Kruger Park, we stayed in the biggest camp yet, Skukuza. This camp is so big, it has car rental and conference facilities, 2 restaurants and a lot more. Despite the size, our rondovel bungalow was charming.  Because Skukuza was so big, we were able to take a guided walk in the afternoon of our arrival, where we saw Rhinos!

Rhino Skukuza Walk
Guided Walk – all looking at a rhino

Rhino Skukuza Kruger
A rhino we saw on our walk from Skukuza

The camp was also home to a lot of monkeys trying to scavenge for food. But one thing we learned while in Kruger is never feed the animals.

Skukuza Monkey
Monkey on the path, Skukuza

Skukuza is a couple of hours drive from the southern park entrances, and we had to get to Johannesburg Airport for the next stage of our holiday. We both would have happily stayed longer in Kruger Park. The wildlife, the people, the accommodations: it all added up to a great experience.