Diving Corn Island

Dive Sites Corn IslandsWe read in advance about the scuba diving in Corn Islands- big fish, uncluttered sites, nice reefs -and we have enjoyed 5 days of diving here.

It didn’t start out great – on Sunday and Monday,  the wind and waves were very strong – and even with Gravol, it was tough being on the boat. Below the surface, the waves affected visibility and moved us around a lot. But, we kept with it, and the last few days have been great!

We dove with Dos Tiburones the entire time at several different reefs – 8 dives in total. We saw sharks, rays (no photos of the rays), lots of massive lobsters, eels, schools of fish and some beautiful reefs. This is a very heavily fished island so there weren’t a LOT of big fish as we’ve seen in other places like Cuba or Galapagos (but Galapagos isn’t a fair comparison anyway), but it was still fun.

Starfish Corn Islands

Shark Corn Island
Eel Corn Islands
Lobster Corn Island

We met dive instructors and divemasters in training from all around the world (including a Quebecois!) and had a great time. The weather was too rough to go to Blowing Rock, the most famous dive site out here, but we are happy with the diving we did and the wildlife we saw while doing it. One thing we can’t complain about is the water temperature – it’s been mid 20s the whole time.

Diving Corn Islands
Brian diving

Wifi has been spotty for us so apologies for the length of time in between posting. We’ve also been very relaxed. Last day on Corn Island. Tomorrow it’s back to the mainland and volcanoes.