Eating and Drinking in Ischgl

Before coming to Austria, and the Alps no less, I had imagined there would be good eats here. I expected the food would not be as good as our ski trip in Italy a few years back, but I was incorrect. It’s different from Italian food, obviously, but still really good! Plus, we can ski over to Switzerland and they’ve got some pretty yummy meals too! Good thing we are getting exercise skiing with all this good food.

Christmas Dinner: Chinoise Fondue and Austrian Red Wine

Already mentioned our delicious first night’s dinner – which we ate at 6PM because we were so tired from all the travel LOL early bird special! The fondue came with totally unnecessary baked potatoes.

Fondue in Austria
Fondue – YUM

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First Day Skiing Ischgl

Most of the day today I kept looking around me and saying “It’s like a painting.” Today was a good day for our first day skiing Ischgl.

When we arrived in town Sunday afternoon, it was rainy and dark. Today was sunny and clear. And warm! Quite warm – 6 degrees! There’s a pretty good base of snow here, and especially as you climb the mountains, the snow gets better.

From Ischgl, we went into the Swiss Alps and all around. Some of the runs lasted almost an hour. It is awesome. Toward the valleys, the snow was more like slush and ice, but up high, it was pretty nice. And the views don’t hurt either.

We had lunch somewhere in Switzerland on the Saumnan side – we had no idea we were even in Switzerland until they charged us in francs. Soup and beer for me and Brian had a cheese plate with beer. And a pretzel – which I helped devour, of course.

The day flew by, but we have 4 more left of enjoying all the different runs on both the Italian and Swiss sides of the mountains. It is supposed to cool down and maybe we’ll get some fresh snow too.

Some photos of our first day skiing Ischgl and Samnaun.

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