Windy Season 

It’s been the windy season while I’ve been in San Juan del Sur. Some days, and nights, are worse than others.  In general, for the 3 weeks I have been here, it has been very windy.

At the beaches, people use large rocks to hold everything down: surfboards and beach chairs included.  I have seen more than a few people running on the beach after hats and clothes. And then there is the sand! It gets EVERYWHERE, including your eyes. Some days it is wise to just avoid the beach. Some days, like today, the navy closes the port because they don’t want boats on the water the wind is that strong!

Maderas Beach
You can see the rocks keeping the surfboards from blowing away on the beach

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Spanish Lessons in San Juan del Sur

Spanish YaMy experience at the Spanish school, Spanish Ya, has been great so far.  The teachers are friendly and very capable, the space is really nice, and it is very well organized and run.

As I mentioned, the school is very close to my home stay. The classes are held outside on a veranda in the shade of some trees across the street from a small river. The weather has been great for outdoor schooling: blue skies and cool breezes!

Spanish Ya
Spanish school

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Why Am I Living in San Juan del Sur?

San Juan del Sur signSan Juan del Sur is a surf town on the Pacific coast just two hours drive north of Costa Rica. So, why am I here? I am here mainly to study Spanish, but also to experience a few weeks in a beach town and hopefully get some scuba dive training in in my spare time.

I am living with a family two doors down from the school, as arranged by the school, which is great. I get to live cheap in a convenient location, 3 meals a day, and I practice my Spanish with the large family in whose house I rent a room.

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Preparing and Packing for Nicaragua

I leave tomorrow for Nicaragua and am almost done packing. I figure if I need something I’ll figure out a way to buy it, because I expect to be there for almost two months and I don’t want to bring a lot.

On the plus side, the weather is warm in San Juan del Sur so packing light is easier. I mainly need shorts, tanks and bathing suits for the Pacific coast, and maybe some athletic wear and a jacket and long pants for when I travel to the north of the country next month.

To make it harder on myself, I found a way to support the local community in San Juan del Sur. One of the resorts in San Juan del Sur is a drop-off point for Pack for a Purpose so I bought some supplies for the kids down there! It’s a really easy process – I went on the site, selected the country I am visiting, and looked through the list to find one near my destination. Then, I looked at the list of items they need, and bought some of those items.  Here’s my bag before I stuffed it shut:

Packing luggage
My bag is packed for Nicaragua – with some things for the kids there!

Here’s an overview of the first phase of the Nicaragua trip:

  • Fly to Managua with a very short layover in El Salvador
  • Two nights in Managua and then a ride to San Juan del Sur
  • Once there, I’ll get dropped off at my Spanish school. Since the head of the school has arranged my home stay, I assume they will look after me from there
    • For the first 3 weeks, I’ll be studying Spanish in the mornings.
    • I plan to enhance my SCUBA skills in the afternoons, but that is still to be arranged.

I’ll let you know how the travel goes and continue blogging from there!