Kruger Park Accommodations: Skukuza Rest Camp

This is the final installment in posts about Kruger Park accommodations with our last night’s camp, Skukuza Rest Camp.

Night Five: Skukuza Rest Camp

On our last night in Kruger Park, we stayed in the biggest camp yet, Skukuza. This camp is so big, it has car rental and conference facilities, 2 restaurants and a lot more. Despite the size, our rondovel bungalow was charming.  Because Skukuza was so big, we were able to take a guided walk in the afternoon of our arrival, where we saw Rhinos!

Rhino Skukuza Walk
Guided Walk – all looking at a rhino

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Kruger Park Accommodations: Tamboti Tent Camp

This is the fourth in a series about Kruger Park accommodations. We travelled from north to south and booked accommodations in advance.  We spent our fourth night at Tamboti Tent Camp.

Night Four: Tamboti Tent Camp
Tamboti Camp Kruger Park
Tamboti is the star on the map of Kruger Park

Tamboti tent camp is one of the smaller camps in Kruger, remote and peaceful. It’s the only camp we stayed in which doesn’t even have a reception desk – to check in at Tamboti, we had to first stop in at the bigger Orpen Rest Camp a few kilometers east.

Tamboti is a type of tree, and it’s a poisonous tree. Fortunately we didn’t have any experiences with the Tamboti tree; just the camp named for it.

Our lodging at Tamboti was a big tent with a bedroom and bathroom inside, and an outdoor kitchen on a deck, which we quite liked.

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Kruger Park Accommodations: Olifants Rest Camp

The third post about accommodations in Kruger National Park is our Christmas night camp, Olifants Rest Camp.

Night Three: Olifants Rest Camp
Kruger Olifants
Map of Kruger with Olifants camp

Olifants is one of the biggest campsites at Kruger Park, and was the biggest we’d seen when we arrived there on Christmas Day. It even had a restaurant and a pool for the kiddies.

When we pulled into the camp on Christmas Day afternoon, the place was packed. The day visitors’ centre was full of locals cooking their Christmas brais. It calmed down at night, but is still a large place with a lot of cottages, campsites and more.

Olifants camp is on a cliff overlooking the Olifants River. Olifants means elephant and is named as such because the elephants love that river. We had an air conditioned bungalow with a deck overlooking Olifants River.

Olifants River Kruger Park
Olifants River

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Kruger Park Accommodations: Shimuwini Bushveld Camp

This is the second in a series of posts about the great places to stay in Kruger National Park.

Night Two: Shimuwini Bushveld Camp

Shimuwini was special! It’s a small camp with a reception area and not much else besides the houses for guests. Because of it’s location on the Groot Letaba River, it felt like a summertime resort, and we had our own house, a riverfront cottage with a beautiful view. Our cottage had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, full kitchen, living room, and back patio with brai. We arrived early enough to walk next to the river and onto the bird viewing deck. We thought this place was blissful, but, surprisingly, there was limited animal life in the river, aside from birds. Still, a gorgeous place to spend Christmas Eve.

Because we had the stunning river view, even from our bed, we woke up early on Christmas Day to take in the sunrise and then enjoy our coffee on the patio. Lots of birds visited us there. We would have stayed longer at Shimuwini if we could as it was our favorite place in Kruger, but we had to move south.

Shimuweni Kruger Park accommodation
Our house at Shimuweni Camp

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Kruger Park Accommodations: Punda Maria Rest Camp

Kruger Park is huge: one of the largest game parks in Africa, it covers over 19,000 sq kilometers, and it has almost 40 different accommodation options. We visited Kruger National Park for 5 days in December, and stayed in a different camp each of 5 nights. Each one was quite different from the previous, and we enjoyed all of them!

We booked our rooms in advance through the Kruger Park website. We booked in August for our Christmas stay, and some of the places were already full, but we still got good rooms.  Christmas is a busy time at Kruger: a lot of South Africans spend their holidays there and plan well in advance.

There is a range of options throughout the park – from north to south, you can camp out or stay in fancier places.

This is the first post about our accommodations in Kruger Park.

Night One: Punda Maria Rest Camp

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Spotting the Big Five in Kruger Park

Before I went to Kruger National Park – my first ever safari experience – I was excited to see ANY wild animals. I had heard of “The Big 5” but wasn’t even sure which animals were labelled within that group. We learned from a guide during one of the organized walks that this term originally comes from hunters. As a result, hunters considered the biggest animals the most important for their trophy cases and thus the Big 5 designation was created

It is a goal for many safari goers to see all of “The Big 5.” While this wasn’t my goal, the whole park experience pushes that as a priority. Each campsite has a couple of boards where people can mark their daily sightings of these most wanted wild animals, plus some other rare and interesting animals. Except the rhino. Due to these beautiful animals being close to extinction, the park will not advertise sightings of rhinoceros as a way to protect them against poachers. Because of this, a rhino sighting is a tough find.

For the most part, we drove around, did a couple of walking tours, and just enjoyed our sightings of all the animals and birds. But in the back of our minds, especially as the days passed, we did still hope to see all of the big 5.

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Kruger Park: Animal Crossings

Kruger National Park in South Africa is a wonderful place. If you like the outdoors and wild animals, this is already on your list to visit, or should be. I just spent 6 days and 5 nights there and am compiling all the photos, videos and stories for future posts!

One of the unique things about Kruger National Park is that visitors drive along the roads looking for wild animals. The park is the animals’ home so humans are not supposed to walk around except in camps or with guides. Drive slowly so you don’t miss an animal, and so you don’t miss a car suddenly stopping in front of you because the driver has just seen an animal! Sometimes you don’t even need to look for animals, because they just decide to cross the road immediately in front of you.

Here are a few examples of animal crossings in Kruger National Park last week:

Buffalo Crossing

Wild buffalo are very cool imposing creatures. They look almost medieval. When these cross the road, we wait for them. Buffalo are one of the so-called “Big Five” so it’s exciting to see them, even when they are in the way.*

*Please note: all talk of being inconvenienced by animal crossings is tongue in cheek! We loved it!

Buffalo Crossing
Buffalo Crossing the road
Elephant Crossing

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