Photos from the Ischgl Alps

We had such a great 5 days skiing – the weather was beautiful, with blue skies and sunshine every day. The wifi in our hotel was not as good, so I didn’t get to post very much.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the week in the mountains

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First Day Skiing Ischgl

Most of the day today I kept looking around me and saying “It’s like a painting.” Today was a good day for our first day skiing Ischgl.

When we arrived in town Sunday afternoon, it was rainy and dark. Today was sunny and clear. And warm! Quite warm – 6 degrees! There’s a pretty good base of snow here, and especially as you climb the mountains, the snow gets better.

From Ischgl, we went into the Swiss Alps and all around. Some of the runs lasted almost an hour. It is awesome. Toward the valleys, the snow was more like slush and ice, but up high, it was pretty nice. And the views don’t hurt either.

We had lunch somewhere in Switzerland on the Saumnan side – we had no idea we were even in Switzerland until they charged us in francs. Soup and beer for me and Brian had a cheese plate with beer. And a pretzel – which I helped devour, of course.

The day flew by, but we have 4 more left of enjoying all the different runs on both the Italian and Swiss sides of the mountains. It is supposed to cool down and maybe we’ll get some fresh snow too.

Some photos of our first day skiing Ischgl and Samnaun.

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Easy Year to Travel on Christmas

We got lucky! We had 3 flights plus a rental car trip to take us from Toronto on Christmas Eve early afternoon through into the Austrian Alps on Christmas afternoon, and all of them were on time and had plenty of room for our non-checked bags! Merry Christmas indeed!

Toronto to Detroit

Easy, on time and Detroit is a pretty fun airport! They have a tunnel to take you between terminals and they play great Motown tunes and change the light so it’s a fun experience for airport movement. We enjoyed the disco tunnel, Detroit!

Detroit Airport Tunnel
Detroit Airport Tunnel

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