Guatapé In Photos

Guatapé is such a pretty town and I took so many photos I had to do a separate photo post. It’s not called Colombia’s most colorful town for nothing!

The decorations on all the buildings are called zocalos, and as I mentioned, every building has different ones. Some are very specific to the business inside, and some? We don’t know, but it was really fun wandering around looking at them. Another reason to visit Guatapé!

Guatapé Shops
Colorful Stores in the Plazoleta de Zocalos in Guatapé
Zocalo Guatapé
Nautical Themed Zocalo

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Taking a Break in Guatapé

People from Medellin know where to go for their weekend breaks: Guatapé. This beautiful lakeside town is located just a short 90 minute bus ride from the city.  We took the bus yesterday afternoon and it was relatively painless and on time.

Guatapé sits on a man-made reservoir built in the 1960s by the hydro-electric company, so there are a lot of water sports opportunities in the area, and the town itself is beautifully decorated with colorful art. There is also a giant rock called El Peñon which is a popular climb offering beautiful views of the water and mountains.

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