Wild Animals in the Okavango

We camped in The Okavango Delta for 3 days, which means 3 days of 2 game walks at 6 hours a day. We saw a lot of wildlife in those walks. No animals came and visited us at camp, which would have been exciting but also scary, so I guess we got lucky.

We did get to walk quite close to a lot of animals, and we had the zoom lens on the camera to capture more. While we didn’t see cats like we did in Kruger, we saw hippos, buffalo, wildebeest, different kinds of antelope, wart hogs (*COOL!), and giraffes on the last day. We also saw a ton of different kinds of birds: eagles, open bills, pelicans, geese and more. The birds are going in a separate post because this is already too long!

Giraffe Okavango Delta

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Camping in the Okavango Delta

We spent 3 days camping in the Okavanga Delta. It wasn’t the lap of luxury, but we loved it!

One of the highlights of our holiday was the 3 nights we spent camping in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Brian had been there 30 years ago and had good memories, so I am glad he wanted to return!

Many of the accommodation options in the Okavango were really upscale, and kind of unnecessary for us. We do not need hot tubs and gourmet meals when we’re in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape. Our purpose in visiting this unique region, where the Okavango River flows into the Kalahari Desert, was to see wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty. We opted not for a 5 star lodge with air conditioning and hot tubs, but for a camping trip. It was great!

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Day 4: The Sea and Sky and Everything Else

Eastern and Northern Iceland Map
Our drive on Day 4

Our fourth day on the road in Iceland took us from the Eastern Fjords to the Northern and the Arctic, with a lot of interesting and picturesque stops in between! We even got to really use the 4WD. Brian was happy about that!

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Day 3: Watch Out for Sheep!

There are lots of sheep in Iceland! They are all grazing alongside the major highway and often with no barriers to the highway, also known as the ring road. Needless to say, I had a close encounter with some sheep! It’s all ok. They move surprisingly fast and I had a lot of notice they were coming. They moved so fast neither myself nor Brian were able to get a photo (boo!). Anyway, for the remainder of the day, I had to keep on the alert as the sheep were never far from the road.

Other than sheep, we saw a lot of beautiful natural wonders: glaciers that stunned us into silence with their magnificence and beauty, waterfalls and streams cascading down rock cliffs and mountains, fjords and more. Our campsite last night was alongside one of the fjords with a mountain view to match. Iceland is gorgeous. Continue reading “Day 3: Watch Out for Sheep!”

Day 2: Rain, Glaciers, and Lava Fields

Map Selfoss to Skaftafell
Day 2: Selfoss to Skaftafell

It rained while we were sleeping last night, and was really bad this morning. Plus, very overcast. So, our thoughts about going to the islands on the south via a ferry boat didn’t seem so good. Instead, we decided to drive along the highway and stop at all the pretty sights until we made it into the big national park and Skaftafell. Continue reading “Day 2: Rain, Glaciers, and Lava Fields”

Iceland Day 1: Water

Yea! We made it to Iceland past midnight and promptly went to duty free to buy booze. That seems to be the first move for anyone, locals included, and we want to follow the local customs!

We checked into our hotel, the Base Hotel by the airport, had a few beers at the lounge and went to bed for about 5 hours. This morning, we got up, went back to the airport for a 45 minute bus ride into the Reykjavik bus station, then a taxi to Camp Easy to pick up our ride, and home, for the week!

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