Munich Outside the Beer Halls

If you visit Munich and you don’t like beer or you just need a break from it, there are plenty of other things to do outside the beer halls.  We kept very busy visiting the other side too.

Walking Tour of Munich

Sandemans Munich Tour
Munich Tour – it was a big group for a cold New Year’s Day

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Munich Beer Halls

More than any other place in the world, Munich is known for its beer halls. As beer drinkers, we had to try at least a few!

There are options to go on beerhall tours, but we found it very easy to do on our own. Find a beerhall, walk in, and find a seat and order. The hardest part was finding a seat.

Here is a round-up of the beer halls we visited last weekend in Munich.

Augustiner Bierhalle

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New Year’s Eve in Munich

Munich is a wonderful place to spend New Year’s Eve, or Silvester, as they call it here, named after a Pope no less. We had a really fun and entertaining night out in this city.


Fireworks at Tollwood NYE
Early Fireworks at Tollwood NYE – way before the fog set in

They love their fireworks here! Apparently, they are readily available for sale, which is why we started hearing them going off before sunset and all the time after. This also explains the debris in every street into New Year’s Day of firework remnants. The unfortunate thing was, the city was shrouded in fog before 12 midnight so it was pretty impossible to see any of the fireworks, no matter how near.


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Easy Year to Travel on Christmas

We got lucky! We had 3 flights plus a rental car trip to take us from Toronto on Christmas Eve early afternoon through into the Austrian Alps on Christmas afternoon, and all of them were on time and had plenty of room for our non-checked bags! Merry Christmas indeed!

Toronto to Detroit

Easy, on time and Detroit is a pretty fun airport! They have a tunnel to take you between terminals and they play great Motown tunes and change the light so it’s a fun experience for airport movement. We enjoyed the disco tunnel, Detroit!

Detroit Airport Tunnel
Detroit Airport Tunnel

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