And Sometimes We Relax: Ojo de Agua, Ometepe Islands

I know this blog is called Mel On the Go, and I usually am pretty active trying new things or repeating activities I love in new places. Sometimes a girl just needs a break. And Lyna is on vacation, after all, so we took a day to relax yesterday.

The Ometepe Islands is a good spot for a relaxing day. While I couldn’t find any spas, the lakefront here is similar to an ocean, with sandy beaches and waves lapping onto the shore. It’s lovely and relaxing. And the water temperature is perfect!

As you know, we were tired and sore from Wednesday’s epic hike, so we kicked back and took the day at a leisurely pace and enjoyed ourselves.

Our day began with a lakeshore breakfast, where we watched the waves and the horses walking through them. $3.50 for breakfast at our hotel and we were fuelled for the day. Maybe a dip in the lake or just a chill in the hammock. We had a very limited agenda.

Ometepe Islands
Horses on the beach – breakfast view

After we had gotten up our energy, we hopped on bikes we’d rented the night before after hiking (for $5 each a day), and rode to Ojo de Agua. Bicycling here is very easy and a great mode of transport. The island bus only comes every hour and we haven’t caught it yet. There are some rolling hills on the island but we managed the 3.5KM ride to the park easily.

Bikes Ometepe Islands
Pre-biking selfie

Ojo de Agua is one of the top attractions of Ometepe Islands. Ojo de Agua means “The Eye of the Water” and is a natural pool from an underwater river that comes from volcano Maderas.

So after being wounded by the volcano, we were hoping to get restored by it, a little bit. Ojo de Agua is very touristy, replete with souvenir shops and drinks in coconut shells. Still, entry is $3 and t he water is clear and refreshing – not too cold like my Nica friends in San Juan del Sur warned – they think everything is cold. The pools are shaded by large leafy trees and it’s a very pretty naturalistic environment.

Ojo de Agua
Ojo de Agua

Lyna and I had a nice time swimming in the waters and watching the hostel kids party and swing on the Tarzan rope. We had lunch there, Lyna went on a hike, I read. It was restorative. We felt good!

If you do go, be prepared for, as Lyna called them “Spring Break Nicaragua Style” because a lot of hostel kids were there partying. I don’t mind it, it’s their vacation too!  Before we went, I had this idea it was going to be natural springs but it’s more like going to a resort for the day. For only $3.

Rope swing