A Kayak Tour of Ometepe

Ometepe Kayaking
Beginning of Kayak Tour

One day of rest was enough! Yesterday Lyna and I wanted to get out and see more of the wildlife of the Ometepes. We biked our way to the town(?) of Mérida and Caballito’s Mar Kayaks.

It was not an easy bike ride or kayak but wow was it worth it. Perfect weather – sun and some wind, and tons of wildlife! Here is a partial list of what we saw: a caiman, turtles, blue herons, monkeys, ospreys, sleeping bats, egrets, ibises, tiger herons, magpie jays, and parakeets. There were more but I can’t remember them!

The tour took about 3 hours and we paddled from the lake into this beautiful river where we were able to get up close with the birds and other creatures. Once we were in the river, which was very calm and fairly narrow, we went really slowly so we could watch the animals and try to get photos. I did my best!

Lyna and Me Kayaking
Egret Ometepe
Egret Ometepe
Birds Ometepe
Birds Flying Ometepe
Ometepe Volcano
Volcano View Ometepe

After the kayak tour, and a late lunch, it was back on the bikes for the rocky ride to the rental place. We then managed to catch a ride on the last chicken bus of the day – it costs 75 cents for the two of us!

bus Ometepe
A public bus on Ometepe
Ometepe bus
Inside the Ometepe chicken bus


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