Whale Watching in Reykjavik

Whale watching is a pretty popular activity in Iceland. In Husavik and Reykjavik, boat tours seeking whales, dolphins, and puffins in summertime, are commonplace. So, we did what the tourists do and went on a whale watching tour on Sunday.

There is a long pier down by the harbour where all the boats have offices and sell tickets for their tours. Besides whale watching and puffin hunting, you can also book a “Northern Lights” tour. The problem with that is, if it’s cloudy, as it often was for us, you aren’t going to see those lights on land or a boat. But people will pay, so they have the tour. Continue reading “Whale Watching in Reykjavik”

Reykjavik Street Art

For a small city, Reykjavik has a lot of street art. Some of it is more commercial than others, and it is various. From murals to store decorations to statues and sculptures, there’s something new around every corner.


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Eating And Drinking In Reykjavik

For a small city, there are tons of eating options in Reykjavik. Even the “budget” meals are not cheap, though, so it’s worth it to choose wisely or stop worrying about costs.

Fish & Chips

Seafood is big in Iceland – you can get fish stew in many places, and fish and chips is a hot item. Near the harbour in Reykjavik, there are 2 top options right across the street from one another: Icelandic Fish and Chips and Reykjavik Fish. We headed that way on Saturday because our guide book recommended the former, but it looked too stuffy and was empty, so we went into the hipper looking Reykjavik Fish. Not cheap, but delicious.

We both went for the combo #1 – Fish and Chips with one sauce and a draft beer for $32 KR. You can also order a la carte but we went for the shebang. The fish was really lightly battered and delicate, and delicious. Viking beer is the basic Icelandic lager which tastes perfectly fine. Fries were OK.

The place is big and very Nordic looking. You order at the front and they bring it to your table when it’s ready. It’s a much nicer looking place than your typical casual dining spot back home, but you’re also paying way more! But when in Iceland… I imagine the prices were similar across the street.

Fish and Chips Reykjavik Fish
Fish and Chips and a Viking Beer at Reykjavik Fish

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Hot Dogs

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First Day in Reykjavik: Walking Tour

Early yesterday morning we dropped off our campervan at CampEasy and our bags at our Reykjavik hotel. What to do to get a first taste of a new city? We like to go on walking tours! The good news is CityWalks Iceland puts on free walking tours of the city centre every day so we booked that for 1:30PM.

The tour was great! Sara, our guide, is a local and a historian – she studied with Iceland’s president, so pretty good credentials. She was entertaining and told some really fun and interesting stories about the city and country.

Thoughts on Reykjavik:

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Geyser At Secret Lagoon

Took video of the geyser eruption at Secret Lagoon. It was a fun distraction to watch while in the pool as it went off every few minutes for about 20 seconds each time.

Watch below in 3 parts!

Day 7: Geo Thermal Activity Gets the Thumbs Up from Us

This morning was amazing! We woke up at the campsite to find that we were not alone. Brian got to talking to a man who we think was the owner of the place. Very Northern, and very understated, he suggested we drive up the hill and see the geothermals. Wow! Are we glad we did. It was impressive, surprising, amazing, and many other adjectives. Brian said it was in his Top 5s of Iceland (not sure what the other 4 are: probably hot pots) and it definitely made my day. After that, it is going to be hard to top.

So what about the geo thermals was amazing? Well, once we drove to the top of the hill, it was time to hike. Kerlingarfjöll is part of a volcanic mountain range, so we hiked through landscapes unlike anything we’d seen before. Continue reading “Day 7: Geo Thermal Activity Gets the Thumbs Up from Us”

Day 6: Hot Tubs and Rough Roads

So Brian made sure today included some off the beaten path “hot pots” in Iceland. He knew there was one southwest of Akureyki on the way to the offroad destination he planned for today, and by god, we were having a soak!

We packed up and left the campgrounds by 9am. The morning started beautifully in Akureyki but the sun never came out from behind the clouds,

Campsite View Akureyi
Campsite View Akureyi

and the day got cloudier and windier, with rain intermittent. Still, when in Iceland we must find the hot water! Continue reading “Day 6: Hot Tubs and Rough Roads”

Day 5: We The North

We’ve been exploring the northern parts of Iceland today, which included some really bizarre and interesting geologic formations and lots of sheep. Plus, April, you will be happy to know I took some heel clickers!

iceland Map
Iceland Road Trip Day 5

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Day 4: The Sea and Sky and Everything Else

Eastern and Northern Iceland Map
Our drive on Day 4

Our fourth day on the road in Iceland took us from the Eastern Fjords to the Northern and the Arctic, with a lot of interesting and picturesque stops in between! We even got to really use the 4WD. Brian was happy about that!

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